Fresh Air by the Water

Colonnade Day Program's Quinn Satellite program strives to provide the residents with as many opportunities as possible. They regularly participate in many activities offered by Colonnade Day Program such as flyer preparation and delivery, music therapy, and swimming to name a few. The Quinn Satellite program also ensures that the participants maximize all opportunities for fresh air and exercise. They often go on long walks and break for a picnic lunch.  For as long as the weather cooperates you will often find this group in open natural areas such as nature trails, beaches, and parks. If you happen to come across them, be sure to give them a wave and hello. Here is a picture of Gavin during a walk around Petrie Island enjoying the cool crisp air.

Stellar Work!

TCE just completed our Annual Ministry of Community and Social Service’s Compliance Review and we are so pleased to share the results with you – we were fully in compliance on all of the 282 regulations! It is so important to us that the people we support, their family and friends along with our stakeholders know that we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in supporting people who receive our services. Thank you to all of our amazing direct service employees, program supervisors, administrative staff and D.J. McDonald for their hard work and dedication!