Apples, pumpkins and the brightly coloured leaves are some of the things that come to mind at this time of the year.  Fall is a wonderful time to pause and...

take a moment to reflect on our busy summer.  Both the Admin team and Albert Community Program finally relocated to our new building on Colonnade. $31,000 of donations from the Special Fund brought sheer delight to so many of our residents. We’re engaging family and friends on Facebook; sharing stories and pictures of our residents’ activities. It’s so wonderful to see everyone active in the community.  Summer was capped off with our annual summer picnic renamed Douglas Joseph Fahey Annual FSN Picnic in honour of one that we so dearly miss.   But summer has come to an end and so too has my time for reflection.  We have busy days ahead.  I will be blogging regularly so visit often!

Karen Belyea,

Executive Director