Healthy Competition

Gareth and Jean truly enjoy a little bit of healthy competition. Here they are playing…

Landsdowne Christmas Market

Paul B and Kelsey had the opportinuty to explore the the Lansdowne Christmas market which…

Paint Night!

Recently Jessica and Stephanie attended paint night where they created wooden signs! She had the…

Pet Therapy

Claire is quite the puppy lover! She recently enjoyed a visit from Shelly and her…




TCE - Total Communication Environment

TCE is a non-profit organizationTCE is a non-profit charitable organization that provides lifetime residential support, community participation, day services and outreach to long term care for adults with multiple disabilities and special communication needs.

TCE is led by a core team that understands firsthand what it means to deliver quality care and create bonds for life. With staff exhibiting the same shared values displayed by their leaders, TCE is able to focus on what is most important: the individual. This is achieved by adapting to the changing needs and desires of those we support and serve. This is the hallmark of TCE’s services and is why families have grown to trust TCE. We are more than an organization. TCE is a connection. For life.


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