TCE - Total Communication Environment

TCE was established to provide a home to a small group of children with multiple disabilities and special communication needs, most of whom were deaf. We were incorporated as a non-profit organization in November 1979 and obtained charitable status in early 1980.

The evolution of growth at TCE came about in response to the changing needs of that original group of children.

In 1986, TCE opened its first adult group home at 644 Golden, purchased through a grant from 'Lions Homes for Deaf People' (LHDP). Ten years later, LHDP also purchased a six-unit apartment building for TCE residents.

Working in partnership with the Ministry of Community and Social Services has allowed TCE to evolve, grow and meet the changing needs of individuals with multiple disabilities and special communication needs in the Ottawa community.

Through numerous government initiatives, TCE has supported individuals to transition from their family homes, other organizations or institutional settings to a TCE home or program.