She Da Best!

The Colonnade Community Day Program delivers flyers every Thursday and Friday.  And they do it with gusto!  You can imagine that delivering flyers is hard work especially on hot days like the ones we've had this summer.  But delivering flyers is a pretty cool job because you get to meet people in the community and every once in a while you meet an Allie.  Allie, is one their customers.  Let me rephrase that.  She is their number one customer. She waits for the crew every Thursday and greets them with special treats and if it's a hot day, she has a cold drink on hand.  Meaghan and Darryl deliver on this route and look forward to their vists with Allie. It means so much to them to see her waiting for them, knowing how much she appreciates their hard work.  Thank you Allie for your kindness, your community spirit, and your overall amazingness!  




We Are Surrounded By Olympians

Were you glued to the TV when Penny Oleksiak won Gold for the 100m freestyle? Where were you when Andre De Grasse gave Usain Bolt a run for his money in the 100m race? And what about Derek Drouin? That man can jump!  Watching these athletes, I’m in awe of what they can do and the impact they have on us as a culture. They bring us together. And then I remembered another moment. The one when we celebrated our very own Olympian, Kathryn for receiving her pin for bowling over 200 during the 2014/15 Special Olympic Bowling Season. That is an Olympic moment that will never be forgotten.  So thanks Rio for celebrating such greatness on the world stage but also for reminding us that we are surrounded by greateness everyday.