Laid Back

We talk about the Special Fund a lot around here but we can't help it.  It really is special!  The latest recipient of the Special Fund is an individual from Riverbend who along with some friends enjoyed ocean air (yes I said ocean air) right here in Ottawa along with soft music and chromotherapy.  For centuries, dry salt therapy, also know as halotherapy (halo is the Greek word for salt), has been a holistic way to cleanse and detoxify lungs and skin, as well as relieve stress, insomnia and ear infections.  Next time you see the Riverbend folks ask them about it.  Or maybe wait a few days because I have a feeling they might still be there! 

Thank you Special Fund!


Our REDBLACKS Recycling Program Needs Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help us with our REDBLACKS Reclying Program.  We need some hardworking individuals with a love of football and community spirit to collect bottles and cans after Ottawa REDBLACKS games.  All proceeds raised from the recylcing program goes directly to individuals living at TCE.  So if you like football and the Ottawa REDBLACKS then this is a perfect gig for you -  fantastic football, amazing atmosphere and a great cause! What could be better?  This is also a good opportunity for students to earn their community volunteer hours.  Time committement is approximately 4-6 hours a game.  Sound good?

Staff, family and friends are all welcome!

For more information please contact Kelly Roper at 613 296-7811 or