How Do You Like Them Hats?

We like them a lot! They shelter us from the sun and keep our heads nice and cool, not to mention they look good. So on a hot and sunny day like today, grab your best friend and a couple hats (preferably matching) then go do something fun.  


Life Is Good So Take A Picture

Summer is the best time for pictures, whether we take them ourselves or have others take them for us, it's nice to show off that healthy vitamin D glow.  You would be amazed at the number of pictures that come flooding through TCE's Facebook account this time of the year.  The majority of them are of TCE residents and staff enjoying the outdoors. They can't help showing off their tans - yes we use sunscreen!  All that fresh air and bright sun is going to have a positive effect on you though. What do you expect when you are spending your days camping, boating, picnicking and well...enjoying life.  I guess that's the secret to looking great.  Enjoying life.  That and taking lots of selfies!  So get out there and enjoy your summer and send your pics to our Facebook account.